ARAVEN Ingredient Bin - 80L Steelking
ARAVEN Ingredient Bin - 80L Steelking

ARAVEN Ingredient Bin - 80L

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Product Information

ARAVEN FOOD SAFETY INNOVATION Ingredient bins are designed for perfect storage, optimum food preservation with maximum hygiene and the strictest control of raw materials.
These containers, are the only ones in the world with a permanent label which allows you to detail the content directly on the container thus facilitating food preservation and control.
They are ideal for storing food with very low levels of humidity i.e. perfect for the preservation of bulk products in CATERING such as cereals, dried fruits and nuts, rice or pasta i.e. Foodstuffs that do not require refrigeration.

They are designed for storage in dry, well-ventilated places away from sources of heat or damp where non-airtight lids are sufficient to prevent humidity from getting in.
Ingredient Bins are made of polypropylene and polyethene.

PERMANENT TRACTABILITY LABEL: Ensures strict control of raw materials and rotation. Allows the origin of the food, its preparation date and expiry date etc. to be recorded.

TRANSLUCENT: The integrated label and transparency of the product enable foods to be identified at a glance.

MAXIMUM ACCESSIBILITY: The width of the window/lid allows easy filling and removing of the raw material/products.

ERGONOMIC: Allows easy handling and efficient movement.

ROUNDED EDGES :The special design avoids the accumulation of remains of food and facilitates cleaning

WHEELS: Tough polyamide wheels to facilitate transport and mobility in work areas

Dimensions: 655x435x560mm

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